Partial and Cut Capos

Welcome to this part of the Capo Roundup. In this review we're going to take a look at cut and partial capos. Partial or cut capos are capos that don't cover all 6 strings.

Here's a video that covers 5 different unusual capos. The first two from this video (up to the 4:05 mark) are about partial capos and we'll take a look at those in this review. The next page will cover the remaing capos when we look at more unusual capos in the next review.

The Dropped-D Capo

The Dropped-D style Capo is any pic of Kyser K-Lever Dropped D Capocapo that covers 5 strings. This would allow either the first string or sixth string to ring open. There are many varieties of this idea. There's the traditional Kyser Dropped D or the K-Lever version (see below). Shubb also offers their Deluxe Capo, which actually covers 6 strings but has an adjustment which allows you to cover fewer strings.

The K-Lever Cut Capo

Pic of Kyser K-Lever CapoThe K-Lever is a new offering from Kyser in the partial capo arena. This series of capos allows you to press a lever in order to play one of the open strings that the body of the capo usually blocks. Here's a nice video review of it (the lever part starts about 2:40):

Even More Unusual Capos

That wraps up the partial or cut capo review, but don't miss the next segment where we take a look at some unusual capos that make me really excited!