Beginner's Music Theory Video Series

Beginners music theory series graphic

Welcome to the Beginner's Music Theory video series! This will be a series of tutorials to take you from a musical newbie to a theory master. Some of the things we'll cover in this series are:

  • Notes
  • Chords
  • Harmony
  • Scales
  • Key Signatures
  • Progressions
  • Modes
  • Combining Scales and Chords
  • Much more!

By the end of this series I hope you will understand the difference between different scales like: the major scale, the minor scale, Phrygian mode. As well as how to look at a lead sheet and be able to tell what key the song is in and know what chords and scales to apply. We'll also look at how to vary chords using a parent scale to create a unique sound and spice up your chord progressions. Of course we'll want to do much more, too. Here's the lessons available so far:

The Series Videos

  1. What Is Music Theory thumbnail What is Music Theory? A look at what music theory is and what it isn't and some of the common mistakes to avoid.
  2. What are notes and pitch thumbnailWhat Are Notes and Pitch? We look at what notes are and where they come from. What makes them different from noise or regular sound? We also explore the limitations of our ears, different notes in parts of the world. Don't miss the cool video of how sound makes shapes in water.
  3. What are scales thumbnailWhat Are Scales? A look into the hidden world of musical notes. Like choosing colors in art, scales are a collection of notes and have a big impact on the mood of a song. What isn't said in music is as important as what is!
  4. What Is Music Theory thumbnailThe Musical Alphabet What are the letters of the musical alphabet? Where did they come from? What does our modern music system have to do with Gregorian Chant? This and more!
  5. What Is Music Theory thumbnailAccidentals In Music {Video Not Yet Available, be sure to follow me on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, or Google+ to know exactly when I post a new lesson}

    Accidentals in music - the notes between two letters of the musical alphabet. What are they and why use them?