Guitar Pro 6 - an Even More Amazing Program

Yes, I've already done a review of Guitar Pro 5 which is a great place to get introduced to the software, but Guitar Pro 6 is out and it's got a lot of killer new features so I've created several videos to highlight some of them.

I will have a complete review of Guitar Pro 6 soon, but here is a series of videos I've created to illustrate some of the features useful to guitarists interested in rhythm and strumming. To do that I create a complete tab of the Intro, Verses and Chorus of Paramore's song "The Only Exception." You can find a copy of the tab for the entire song down below in PDF, and GP6 formats.

After you've watched them, you should drop by Guitar Pro 6's website and give the free demo a shot or go ahead and buy a copy for yourself. The links are down below.

Video 1 of 3:

Video 2 of 3:

Video 3 of 3:


The tab

As promised, here's the tab to Paramore's "The Only Exception." I had fun transcribing it and I hope you enjoy it!

Guitar Pro 6 file

Links to Guitar Pro 6 and more

Guitar Pro: a complete workshop for guitarists at an affordable price

As promised you can check out a free demo of Guitar Pro 6 here. You can check out more info here. Or if you're wanting to pick up a copy for yourself you can go straight to their sales page and buy it. Enjoy it, I know I have!

Buy Paramore's Only Exception as an Mp3 from or iTunes