Guitar Fundamentals Series

In the Guitar Fundamental Series, we'll explore some of the most important concepts for guitarists. Just like a professional basketball player spends hours and hours each week working on dribbling and free throws, we, too, have guitar skills that all other tricks are built on.

Why not call it a beginners series? Because these are things we all should consider and think about every time we play. Believe it or not, most of the "guitar gods" are behind stage running their picking technique, scales, and drills just before they walk out on stage or the camera goes "live."

In this series we're going to cover a number of things that every guitarist should know, and many never are shown in their guitar lessons or think much about. Have problems switching chords? Get pains in your wrists or hands? Only able to play for 20 minutes? Do you feel slow and sluggish, while the guitarists you admire seem to effortlessly pull off what looks like magic? The secret to your success is hidden in that last sentence, and we'll flush it out over and over again throughout the tutorials in this series.



The Lessons

  1. Holding your guitar video thumbnail How To Hold Your Guitar To Improve Speed, Sound, and Relaxation The most basic guitar technique, but one many miss. Ever see a guitarist where the guitar looks likes it's a natural part of their body? Ever seen a guitarist that looks like a contortionist on tour? Hopefully, this video will help you if you suffer from that last one, as well as provide the foundation for literally everything you'll do as a guitarist.
  2. How to Hold Your Pick video thumbnailHow To Hold Your Guitar Pick: Does your pick move all around in your hand or get dropped in your sound hole? Does your strumming sound harsh and abrasive? This lesson will help you play faster and make you sound as smooth as Smooth Criminal.
  3. How To Strum video thumbnailHow to strum Does your strumming sound like nails on a chalkboard? What does painting clouds have to do with guitar? Watch for tips on how to improve your strumming sound.