How To Hold The Guitar - Guitar Fundamentals Series 01

This is the first tutorial in the Guitar Fundamentals series. Watch it now:

In this we lesson talk about best practices to keep your guitar in place, with a minimum of effort and maximum of ease. Everything grows out of this, so these easy techniques are important to use! Holding the guitar correctly helps you maximize your speed, and relaxation, as well as contributes to creating a good sound on the guitar.

    We talk about:
  • The 3 points of contact
  • Be lazy! Let gravity do the work.
  • Look ma, no hands!
  • The angle of the neck
  • Keep your head up!
  • Classical vs Seated "Rock" style
  • Guitar position with a strap

Video is in HD 1080p (click on the "settings" gear icon and select 1080 from the "quality" menu)!

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