Many Kinds of Unique Capos Reviewed

Welcome to this third part of the Capo Roundup. In this review we're going to take a look at a quite a few different capos. They each expand the capabilities of the guitar in their own unique way.

In just a momoment we'll continue the video we began last segment. But in this video we'll watch the remaining three.

A few more capos as well as more info on the three capos mentioned in this clip are included down below.


The Spider Capo

Image of Spider CapoThe Spider Capo is a great capo, that allows you to select what strings you allow to ring open and which ones you capo. It's very similar in function to the Third Hand Capo above. However, this one seems to be a little more stable and easy to manage. It does cost a little more than the Third Hand, though. Out of all the capos featured in this roundup, this is the one I'm most excited about. But don't take my word for it, be sure to check out this video review:

And here's a nice video that demos what is possible when using Spider Capos. He's commented the video so you can see when he's changed which strings are open. Overall a nice video to enjoy.

The Transpo Capo

Pic of Transpo CapoThe Transpo capo is really like two capos together, the traditional capo and a cut capo. This way you can play in a DADGAD style tuning and quickly move the capo on and off the fretboard. However the same thing can be acomplished with a standard capo and a cut capo for the same price (and more flexibility). Is it worth it then? Probably not, unless you gig and need to change to this setup very quickly.

The Third Hand Capo

Image of Third Hand CapoThe Third Hand Capo allows you to change which strings you allow to ring open and which strings are capoed. It basically allows you to have an open tuning without tuning the guitar- but you get to select the tuning. This does the same job as the spider capo above. It is a little less expensive, but also a little harder to apply and it connects by straps. Not a bad tool, though, it's a very cool concept. Be sure to check out the video review of this capo at the top of the page.

The Harmonic Capo

Pic of Harmonic CapoThe Harmonic Capo is a capo that allows harmonics to ring when a string is played open, but does not prevent fretted notes from ringing. Definately a unique idea in capos, and one that should add a new dimension to your tonal possibilities. Be sure to catch the video review of this capo at the top of the page.

Here's a video of the harmonic capo in action:

Onward to the Conclusion

Now on to the last page. Just one more capo to review, and it's the weirdest of them all! Then we'll wrap things up and try and put this all into a nutshell.