The Capo Roundup

Capos capos everywhere! Today, we're going to take a look at a whole slew of capos. The capo is one of the most useful tools in a guitarists arsenal, especially acoustic and rhythm guitarists. A decade ago, all capos pretty much did the same thing, but today there's alot more to the capo. This article is going to look at a couple of the most common capos as well as some of the newest and coolest ones that add a whole new dimension to playing. In the future, we'll take a look at the basics of how to use a capo, but this page is for exploring what kind of capos are available.


Basic Capos

First type we'll look at will be the typical guitar capo designed to cover all 6 strings and allows you to play higher up on the neck (and higher sounding chords as a result) while allowing you to play open chords and shapes you are already familiar with. There are a couple new-comers in this area that are really exciting.

Cut or Partial Capos

Next we'll take a look at a type of capo called a cut or partial capo. These capos only cover some of the strings and leave others open. This allows the guitar to sound like common open tunings but also gives you the ability to play chord and scale shapes you already know.

Specialty Capos

Finally, we'll take a look at several specialty capos that do neat things like play harmonics without touching them or capos that change tunings with the click of a button and more!


On this page we'll take a look at perhaps the oddest capo of the bunch, the Voice Capo. Then a quick wrap up highlighting my favorites and a few words of advice on capos to avoid.